12" F5 Newtonian for Colin in Ashland, Oregon.:

This  is a 12" ETT (Easy Transport Telescope) made for Colin in Ashland Oregon. Includes a Hubble Optics F5 mirror, Antares focuser and secondary and Destiny curved-vane spider. 
The telescope was completed in October 2009.
The scope is set up and ready to use. The DSC-stalk is installed. The Sky Commander and encoders have yet to be installed.
Diameter of primary: 12" f5
Mirror cell: 6-point all aluminum flotation
Length of struts 53.5" (26.25" folded)
Dimensions of rocker box: 15"H x 19.5"W x 20"D
Weight of rocker box: 25.5#
Weight of "mirror box" w/mirror: 19.5#
Height of "mirror box": 12"
Inside diameter of OTA: 14.5"
Diameter of altitude Bearings: 18"

The rear shows the rear of the 6-point all aluminum mirror cell. I've included a center bolt just in case a counterweight might be needed. Note there is a small 1.25# counterweight on a clamp by the focuser.

Detail of the top ring, Destiny spider and Antares focuser. The telescope can be assembled and disassembled without the need for tools.
The altitude bearings have been installed with the bottom half of the struts. At this point, the telescope can be placed into the rocker box while the rest of it is being assembled.
Here's a good view of the intermediate ring during assembly. The washers prevent the top half of the struts from digging into the wood.

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