MAKE OVER YOUR TELESCOPE --  (complete telescopes w/optics, click here):

Complete Make-over's use your existing mirror cells, focusers, spiders and secondaries to convert one of the many commercial dobs into a modern, lightweight and portable telescope. They include a Meade 10" f4.5, an Orion 12" f4.9 and a Coulter 13.1" f4.5 and a Discovery 15" PDHQ.

If you have Newtonian optics of any kind, they can be made into complete telescopes as well. You provide the mirror and cell, spider and secondary and focuser -- I'll build the telescope for you. Or, you may wish to use one of our BASIC KITS and do the job yourself.

Customers have included curved spiders from Destiny or the more traditional 3 and 4 vane spiders from Protostar. All kinds of focusers have been used, including the Moonlite, GSO, JMI and Starlight Instruments Feather Touch.

Customers usually include the mirror cell from the standard "make over scope", but if needed, I'll build a custom cell for you. Depending on the size and weight of the mirror, I make these with Baltic birch or 1/4" aluminum plate (NOTE: Some of the "before" pictures are representative examples).

Send me your mirror cell, focuser, spider and secondary holder and I'll do the rest.

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This is a Meade 8" make-over that is an "Easy Transport Telescope". There are six 1/2-length struts supported in the middle with an intermediate ring. When disassembled, it fits into a very small 13"x13"x15" package, small enough to be checked onto an airline as "baggage"

Pricing HERE.

15" Discovery PDHQ. In this make-over, I used the primary mirror and cell, secondary, spider and focuser.

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12withcolor 12" Orion Skyquest.

Pricing HERE.
13.1" Coulter Odyssey I. This telescopes uses the Coulter primary. Everything else has been updated, including encoders and digital setting circles.

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17.5" F4.8 "make over" from a traditional "truss" design. The overall weight was reduced by half.

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See more pictures of this scope here.

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