13" F6 Easy Travel Telescope (ETT) for Barry W in Bakersfield, CA.:

The primary mirror is a full-thickness Swayze 13" F6 and matching secondary. The rest of the scope includes a University Optics mirror cell, an Antares 2-speed 2" crayford low-profile focuser.

Also included is a DSC stalk for his Sky Commander, an eyepiece tray with two 2" and three 1.25" slots and a Destiny curved vane spider. A removable dew shield, for the primary and a focuser baffle is also included.

It takes about 4 minutes to completely assemble the telescope.

Completed in November 2009.


The ETT scope is set up and ready to use.
Inside diameter of rings: 15"
Outside diameter of rings: 18"
Dimensions of Rocker Box: 15.5"H x 20"W x 20.75" D
Diameter of altitude bearings: 18"
Length of struts: 72" (six 36" travel struts)
Diameter of mirror: 13" f6 Swayze full thickness
Weight of OTA (w/mirror cover and CW): 49.5#
Weight of rocker box: 30#
Height of Eyepiece at Zenith: 79"

The top ring. The Destiny curved-vane spider and Antares low-profile focuser are clearly visible. Note the "hand knobs" for removing the ring from the telescope for a no-tool disassembly.
130scope2 Eyepiece tray for two 2" and three 1.25" eyepieces.
View of the scope ready for assembly.
130scope4  The lower-half of the struts are inserted.


The next step is to place the altitude bearings onto the telescope.

Here's a picture of the intermediate ring in place. The "washers" on the top of the ring keep the upper struts from cutting into the wood during assembly.
The top of the are affixed to the assembly. Note that the clamp for the small 1.25# counterweight and finder are in place.
Finally, the top ring and DSC stalk are place onto the telescope.  The telescope assembles (and disassembles) without the need for tools.
Here's a picture of an ETT setup for "easy transport". The upper ring is placed onto the struts while the altitude bearings are kept in place.

(Example photo).
Remove the altitude bearings and nest the assembly into the rocker box. The intermediate ring is on the bottom. This is a great way to transport and/or store the telescope.

Optional 20" short storage struts are also available.

(Example photo).

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