13.1" F4.5 Newtonian for Bob in Homer Glen Illinois.:

This telescope includes an Antares 2-speed 2" crayford focuser with 1.25" adapter, a Destiny curved vane spider and secondary. The mirror is a Coulter 13.1" and sits on a custom built 6-point all aluminum mirror cell optimized with Plop.  Bob assembled the telescope from a kit. Note that the 3-tone color scheme adds to the beauty of the telescope. Really striking!!
The telescope was completed in November 2009.

Here's the full text of Bob's comments:

" Dennis, Here is the "finished" scope.  I have a few touch-ups to do on the struts, and a few spots of stain that I will repair later in the month.  I finished this with multiple coats of cherry stain, then varnish.  On the bearings, I used a polyurethane that I will not use again, as it left the birch with a yellow tint.  (I will fix this down the road)  The scope is the same color scheme as our cherry/maple dining room table and chairs.  It came out so nice, that I may store it in the corner of the dining room as a conversation piece when not in use. 

I took my time building, as I did not want to make any irreversible mistakes.  Everything went together very smoothly when I just took things step by step.  Their were several steps that I over thought.  When I just took a step back and relaxed, it all just fell into place. 
The limited viewing time we have had so far has been great.  I still need to add the baffle for deep sky viewing, and that will be done tonight or tomorrow.   I was really surprised at the quality of the image that came in when viewing Jupiter. 
Thanks for such a great quality kit.  You can tell that a lot of thought and engineering went in to the design.  I can't wait to bring this to a star party.
The little girl is my 4 year old daughter Alex, who got sooooo excited every time I asked if she wanted to help my build the scope.  She is out there with me every night that conditions are good enough to view. Bob"


The 13.1" completely assembled and ready to use.

This photo shows a nice "rear" shot with the mirror cell clearly visible. The 1/4" hole in the center of the cell is threaded if a counterweight is ever needed.
Another nice shot of the "mirror box". The mirror is affixed to the cell with silicone and is on a 6-point flotation cell optimized with Plop.

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