14" F5 with Hubble Optics "sandwich" mirror made for Brian Medeiros in West Greenwich, Rhode Island.
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Brian Medeiros, West Greenwich, Rhode Island.
November 2008


Weight of optical tube assembly w/mirror 44#
Weight of rocker box 25.5#
Weight of mirror box w/mirror 30#
Weight of mirror 19#
Height of eyepiece at zenith 71"
Rocker box size 21.75" x 20.75" x 13"
Length of struts 65"
Construction material Furniture grade Baltic birch 13-ply plywood
Focuser 2" Crayford with 1.25" adapter
Spider Destiny "Professional" curved vane
14" F5 profile. The OTA weighs 44.5# including the 19# mirror.
The spider is a "Professional" Destiny spider with a 2.5" secondary.
Here's the detail of the Hubble Optics "sandwich" mirror. The total thickness is 1.5". Note that the clip of the mirror cell is affixed to the bottom plate of the mirror. This way, there are no clips hanging over the surface of the mirror.

A custom made 6-point floatation mirror cell optimized with Plop. The cell is made from 1/4" aluminum plate and adds very little extra weight to the mirror box.

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