A "One of a Kind" -- 10" 'Suitecase' Travel Telescope by Hugh in Oakland, CA.:

This telescope is an airline compatible, carry-on suitcase telescope designed and built by Hugh in Oakland. I built the kit for him.  The telescope uses a Meade 10" f4.5 mirror, a Destiny curved vane spider with 2.5" secondary and a Kineoptics helical focuser. No need the check the package, it'll fit into the overhead compartment of the typical airliner.

The telescope integrates the DobSTUFF ETT (Easy Travel Telescope) configuration to get the length of the struts short enough to put into a carry bag.

Completed in January 2010.

The suitecase telescope is set up and ready to use. Hugh uses a right-angle finder and green laser point for finders. A Rigel red-dot can also be used, if necessary.
Inside diameter of rings: 11"
Outside width of rings: 13"
Dimensions of Rocker Box: 13"x16.5
Diameter of altitude bearings: 15"
Weight of telescope inside carrying case 35#
Diameter of mirror: 10" f4.5
Weight of "blue bag" with struts/finder(s) 10#
Weight of rocker box/"ground board" 12#
Weight of OTA w/mirror and finder(s) 33#

Here's a picture of Hugh with his 10" telescope ready for travel.

Hummm, where are we gonna go??
Front view showing the focuser and spider. Hugh
View of the rear. The suite case acts as the "ground board" Notice the "feet". These are removed and packed in the case during transport.
View of the various components of the suite-case telescope. The blue carrying case, in the left rear, holds the struts and finder(s).


For travel, the carrying case holds all of the pieces. Here the dew shield, focuser baffle and top ring are placed in first..


Once a light-weight separator is placed into the case, the altitude bearings, focuser, secondary and center bolt are placed inside as well.
Here's a picture of a second light plastic separator holding the various pieces in place. Notice the threaded knobs inserted on the left and right (the right knobs is the only visible) to keep the  separator firmly in place. The knobs do double duty and are used elsewhere while the telescope is being assembled.
The rocker box and rings are "stacked" along with the side struts of the mirror box. The mirror cover is made from a common "Tupperware" cover.
Finally, the case is placed onto the "stack". Threaded knobs with studs close the assembly for transport.
A door in the side of the case can be opened if the "security folks" at the airport want to see inside the case.

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