DobSTUFF Travel Telescope:
A travel telescope for someone who wants to take his telescope onto an airplane as baggage (or just a ultra-compact telescope for easy transport). The criteria was that it must not have a footprint greater 18". The height is approximately 20" and includes the mirror box and top ring nested into the rocker box. The  altitude bearings and struts will go into carry-on or checked luggage. Each of the six struts, in this case for a 12.5" F4.7, are 26" long.
Weights and measures:**
Diameter of primary 12.5"
Focal length 58.75" (f4.7)
Height of eyepiece at zenith 57"
Weight of OTA w/o mirror 21.5#
Weight of mirror 11.5# (12.5 Hubble Optics, 1" thick)
Weight of rocker box 18.5#
Size of rocker box 18"w x 18"d x 17.5"h
Travel strut length 12"
Standard strut length 26"
Spider Destiny curved vane
Focuser Antares 10:1 2-speed crayford focuser*
Construction material Baltic Birch
Price for 10" travel telescope $1295 plus shipping
Price for 12.5" travel telescope $1795 plus shipping
*The telescope in these photos uses a Moonlite 2 speed focuser at the customer's request. The Moonlite focuser is not standard equipment.
**As these telescopes are each custom made, some variations may occur.

This picture shows the travel telescope broken down into its parts. Six 26" struts, 2 altitude bearings, the intermediate ring and mirror box/top ring nested in the rocker box. The travel struts are 12" and are included. The overall height, width and depth is 18".

I've started to assemble the telescope. First is to insert the 3 lower struts. They simply insert into the mirror box and hand tighten onto captive bolts. No tools are required. The intermediate ring is "nested" in the bottom of the rocker box and is placed here for travel.
Once the 3 lower struts are inserts, the next step is affix the altitude bearings. Two hand knobs and one clamp for each side are all that is required.  The intermediate ring is put into place.
Install the upper portion of the struts.
Affix the top ring with 3 thumb screws/knobs.
Set the telescope into the rocker box, remove the mirror cover and you're done!
The dew shield is removable for easy access to the primary mirror. The bolt in the middle of the mirror cell is for a small counterweight, if needed.  

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