DobSTUFF  Trave; Telescope made for K. L. Lee in Singapore:
An "Travel Telescope" made with a Meade 8" F6 primary for  K.L. Lee in Singapore.  K.L. wanted the scope to have a smaller secondary, so I've used a low profile focuser and smaller size secondary. The focuser on the "inside diameter" of the top ring to make this work. The spider is from Destiny. The overall weight of the telescope, completely assembled, is only 34#. The scope is sized, such, that it qualifies as "luggage" on an airline. The overall "travel size" is 14"x14.5"x19.5" and weighs 29.5# when configured for travel. See below for more details.
The telescope was completed in May 2009.
K. L. Lee in Singapore with his new 8" travel Telescope. June 2009.

The 8" completely assembled and ready to use.

From the rear. You can see the small counterweight affixed to the rear center of the mirror cell.
I was asked to make a custom eyepiece tray for three 1.25" and one 2" eyepieces. The tray is removable with thumb screws.
Also visible is the "break" on the altitude bearing. This helps balance the scope when changing from lighter to heavier eyepieces.
The top ring with the low profile Antares 2--speed 2" crayford focuser.
The telescope assembles and disassembles without the need for tools. The intermediate ring nests into the bottom of the rocker box..  This picture shows that three of the 22.5" struts can be used for storage or easy transport.
TRAVEL STRUTS: Here the OTA, now only 13" tall, nests into the rocker box with the intermediate ring. The only items left are the six 22.5" struts and the altitude bearings. The focuser baffle fits into the bottom of the rocker box as well (not shown).
The overall size is 14"x14.5"x19.5". Small enough to be checked onto an airplane as "luggage". The weight is 29.5#.
I've put a yardstick near the telescope to give a sense of size.

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