Here's a sample of some of the telescopes I build and their weights and measures. These will VARY somewhat. Here's a couple of items to consider when thinking about the weights and measures and your telescope project:

  • Diameter of mirror. The 14" telescope below can be used to estimate a 14.5" or 15" scope.
  • Focal length. An F5 will be a bit longer than an F4.5, for example. The weight will be very close. The height of the eyepiece at the zenith will be a bit higher.
  • Thickness of mirror. Thinner mirrors weigh less.
  • Mirror cell. These can be made of aluminum or wood, so the total weight will vary slightly.
  • Strut diameter. Some customers like larger diameter struts (2" vs. 1.75" for a 14" telescope, for example). Larger diameters weight a bit more.

10" F4.5 with Meade mirror:
-Height of eyepiece at zenith 46"
-Weight of OTA 24# (including two 1.25# counterweights)
-Weight of rocker box 15#
-Weight of telescope 39#
-Footprint of rocker box 17"x16.5"
-Height of rocker box 14.5"
-Diameter of the altitude bearings 18"

12" F5 with full thickness Discovery mirror:
Height of eyepiece at zenith 59 1/4"
Length of struts 53 3/4"
Weight of OTA (w/Mirror and counterweight) 40 1/2#
Weight of rocker box 23 1/2"
Footprint of rocker box 19 1/4" x 20 1/4"
Height of rocker box 14"

12" F5 with Hubble mirror. An "Easy Travel Telescope":
Diameter of primary: 12" f5
Mirror cell: 6-point all aluminum flotation
Length of struts 53.5" (26.25" folded)
Dimensions of rocker box: 15"H x 19.5"W x 20"D
Weight of rocker box: 25.5#
Weight of "mirror box" w/mirror: 19.5#
Height of "mirror box": 12"
Inside diameter of OTA: 14.5"
Diameter of altitude Bearings: 18"


13.1 F6 with Swayze mirror. An "Easy Travel Telescope":
Inside diameter of rings: 15"
Outside diameter of rings: 18"
Dimensions of Rocker Box: 15.5"H x 20"W x 20.75" D
Diameter of altitude bearings: 18"
Length of struts: 72" (six 36" travel struts)
Diameter of mirror: 13" f6 Swayze full thickness
Weight of OTA (w/mirror cover and CW): 49.5#
Weight of rocker box: 30#
Height of Eyepiece at Zenith: 79"

14" F5 with Hubble Optics mirror:
Weight of optical tube assembly w/mirror 44#
Weight of rocker box 25.5#
Weight of mirror box w/mirror 30#
Weight of mirror 19#
Height of eyepiece at zenith 71"
Rocker box size 21.75" x 20.75" x 13"
Length of struts 65"
Construction material Furniture grade Baltic birch 12-ply plywood
Focuser 2" Crayford with 1.25" adapter
Spider Destiny "Professional" curved vane


17.5" F4.8 with a Coulter mirror (the equatorial platform is not included in these weights):
Diameter of primary: 17.5"  -- f4.8
Mirror cell: 18-point flotation
Length of struts 77.75"
Dimensions of rocker box: 13"x24.5"x26"
Weight of rocker box: 29.5#
Weight of "mirror box" w/mirror: 45# (48# with mirror cover)
Height of "mirror box": 12"
Inside diameter of OTA: 19.5"
Diameter of altitude Bearings: 23" x

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