Rocker Box Upgrade. Regardless of your telescope, I can build you a custom Baltic birch upgrade for your. Many mass-produced telescope today use rocker boxes with less than optimal materials. My rocker boxes are build with 13-ply furniture grade Baltic birch plywood.  I can make a "kit" for you -- and you'll assemble it yourself. I include all of the hardware necessary to finish the project (in the following picture, I show a rocker box for a Meade Lightbridge 16" telescope).

Or, I'll assemble the rocker box for you. I apply 5 coats of weather-resistant varnish, paying special attention to the edges. If you'd like, I can apply a custom color for you.

If you'd like to order a custom rocker box for your telescope, here's the dimensions I'll need. Please note these are INSIDE dimensions. Here's what I need:
  A)   Front to back, along the side (the "depth of the rocker box).
  B)   Side to Side (the "width" of the rocker box).
  C)   The clearance between the OTA and the bottom. Swing the scope up and down to determine the closest point between the OTA and the bottom.
  D)  The bottom of the side to the lowest point of the altitude bearing "arc". 
  E)  The "side" does NOT include the bottom board of the rocker. Just the side board.
  F)  The diameter of the altitude bearing.
This "rocker box" upgrade is made for the Lightbridge with the stock OTA and altitude bearings. The wood is 13-ply 3/4" furniture grade Baltic birch. I can make the rocker box for any size Meade Lightbridge (for ANY telescope, really). 

We no longer use Teflon bearing pads on these upgrades. Instead we install (or provide in the kit) black high-density fabric bearing-surface.

The rocker box is completed with 5 coats of Varethane varnish, with special attention to the edges of the wood. If desired, I can apply a custom color.

Kit $295* *plus shipping.
Assembled and finished $395*  
Custom color $149*  
"Here's a picture of a full "kit". It includes all the wood pieces, pre-drilled holes, all the hardware and high-density black fabric altitude bearing material.

For more information about your requirements:
--Dennis Steele
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