Custom Color Possibilities:
If you're considering a different look for your telescope, Baltic Birch is a great wood for stains and varnishes. The telescopes on this page each have a custom color. In all cases, the color were added by the owner themselves.

I built the telescope, but "unfinished". That is, each scope was completed, tested and ready to use. I find sanded the wood components but did not apply any varnish finish. The telescope was then stained and varnished  by the owner (at their request).

I do offer custom colors as an option. These "Miniwax" colors are just a sample of those available in any good hardware store. If you'd like me to apply the custom color for you, I'm glad to do so. Here's the procedure:
  1. If you'd like, I'll send you sample wood pieces. Go to the hardware store and find the color you like, then test it on the sample wood. Once you've made your selection, let me know the color -- I'll apply it for you, or
  2. Select the color from chart to the left and let me know the color.

I'll apply 3 to 5 coats of the color then finish the coated wood with a hard varnish finish to protect.

Costs:  All sizes, $250.00
           Meade Lightbridge rocker $125


Here's a beautifully executed 10" kit assembled by Ron in Stafford Texas.

(October 2010)
A beautiful example of a 13.1" ETT (Easy Travel Telescope) assembled from one of our kits by Bob C in Homer Glen, Illinois. Bob's use of 3-tone coloring makes the telescope look exceptional.
Read the full text of  Bob's comments and see more pictures here.

Completed November 2009

A 14" F5 telescope with a Hubble Optics sandwich mirror for Ron in Franklin, Indiana. Ron asked that I left the wood unfinished so he could stain and varnish it himself.

Delivered in April 2009. More photos here.
Here's the result of some fine craftsmanship. I built a 10" kit for Fred in Bloomington Indiana and delivered it in November 2008. A couple of months later, Fred assembled a beautiful 10" telescope.  A kit is a great way to go and, in this case, Fred applied a custom color before the final assembly.


Telescope completed by Yogesh in Pleasanton California. In this telescope, Yogesh applied a custom color with a  "one step stain and varnish". The final result is really beautiful.

Yogesh, Pleasanton, CA.

(note: Yogesh lives close by and asked if he could come over and participate in the building of a scope for his 12.5" mirror. You can see Yogesh building his scope here).

10billshea "Bill Shea   Brooklyn,  New York, assembled this 10" telescope and applied a darker stain.  

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