An Easy Way to Install a Tube Insert

DISCUSSION: I can provide you with inserts in 1", 1.25", 1.5", 1.75" and 2" sizes. These are pretty easy to install, once you have the trick. I've found this simple way to install inserts in all my strut telescopes.

When I sell inserts, I usually try to include an "insert tool". If you need to make one, it's easy. Check below.

I sell these for $3 each, plus shipping. See here for info.



Here, I've used an old tube ring, but you can use any kind of wood as a base. I drill a hole to stand the aluminum tubing into (it keeps it from flopping around). The wood base protects the other end of the aluminum tubing.

The tubing in this example is 1.25" O.D. with a ,125 wall. This technique works well with thinner wall tubing as well.




This picture shows a 1.25" insert.

I make the "insertion tool", using a 3" x 1/4-20 carriage bolt and lock nut (any nut will do). The lock nut is about 1-inch up the bolt.
Screw the "insertion tool" into the insert and place it squarely on top of the tubing.

Take a regular 1-pound hammer and tap the insert into the end of the tubing. DON'T HIT TOO HARD. Lite taps with the hammer works best and gives you better control.

The insert has two spring steel plates. Once the first plate is in place, be sure to keep the "insert tool" straight (vertical).

Here, the insert has been tapped into place. Make sure the "nut" of the insert tool clears the edge of the tubing and that the insert tool (carriage bolt) is straight (vertical and parallel with the tubing).

If it's at an angle, tap lightly with the hammer while putting lateral pressure on the insert tool. Tap until it is vertical.

You're done!!

Here's a neat solution from one of our customers. If you have a drill press, this system works well.

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