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Components for sale:  

10th Wave  primary mirrors.
== 10" $399
== 12" $499

Custom rocker boxes for Meade Lightbridge -- or any -- telescope. Click here for full information and ordering details.
--$395, fully assembled -- ready to use.
--$295, ready to assemble "kit".
--$125, custom color

Sky Commander (SC)  XP4 Computer w/ Flash Cable and Users Manual. The SC "sets"  the position of the telescope with the use of two optical encoders.  Simply initialize the SC by pointing the telescope at two alignment stars.  It's as simple as that. Just select the "catalog", press enter and push the telescope until the SC "zeros out its reading".   The SC will work with any of the common telescope mountings -- Dobsonian, German equatorial or Fork. Yes, it works with equatorial platforms too.
--$295 plus$10 postage.

General purpose encoder mounting kit for Dobsonian  mountings. Includes all hardware for attaching encoders to dob type scope. Encoders not included. Order encoders and cable separately -- see below.
--$65 plus $10 postage.

Standard 6'-EL x 8'-AZ encoder cable.
--$15 plus  $5 postage.

4000 tic (step) encoder. Works with Sky Commander and others (two needed, one for the altitude axis and one for the azimuth axis).

--$65 each plus $10 postage.

String Telescope Component Kit. Convert your parallel strut telescope into a virtual truss design (see here for a complete discussion), Kit includes everything you'll need for your DobSTUFF telescope. Yes, you can use the kit on other telescopes as well.

--$45 for 2 "string" kit.
--$99 for 2 "string" assembled (measurement needed from user).

Flotation Mirror Cells: All aluminum 18-point cell. Sizes from 10" - 18" (I make cells with 6-, 9- and 18-point suspension),

Silicone included.

--Any size 10" to 18", 18-point cell $250*
--Any size 10" to 18",   9-point cell $225
-- Any size 10" to 18", 6-point cell $199

Mirror Cells:  All aluminum mirror cells for traditional "round" optical tube assemblies. This is an example of a 6-point cell for a 13.1" mirror and optimized with Plop. Other sizes available.

--Any size 10" to 18", $199*.
--Silicone, included.

For more information, click here.


Mirror Cells: All, Baltic birch, suitable for mirrors 8" to 12"" in diameter. Other sizes available.   For more information, click here.

--8" to 12" 'simple' 3-point all Baltic birch mirror cell, $89.00 plus $15 shipping. Silicone included.

Mirror Cells: All aluminum for mirror boards and truss dobs. Baltic birch TAILGATES available. This example is a 6-point flotation cell for mirror 12"-16" in diameter. Other sizes available. I also build "simple" 3-point cells for all sizes of mirrors.  For more information, click here.

--Any size, $199.+
--Silicone included.

Cooling Fan Assembly: This is an example of a 12Vdc fan installed on a 12" telescope. Power for the fan is provided through a standard, easy-to-find RCA power plug (available at Radio Shack catalog #274-319 for $2.99). The fan assembly  is mounted on matching Baltic Birch. In this example, the fan is held in place by the collimation bolts/wing nuts.
--Single 12Vdc fan, $99.00.
--Double 12Vdc fan, $149.00.

Aluminum tubing: I can supply you with aluminum tubing for struts, DSC stalks or mirror-box struts.
Sizes from 1", 1.25", 1.5", 1.75" and 2".
--  email for $ pricing.

Tube Inserts:
--1" to
2", $5 each*

 Knobs 1/4-20 threaded stud, 1.5" long, 1 1/8" diameter:
--$5 each.*
--Other sizes available. Email for info.

Knobs  1/4-20 threads, 1 1/8" diameter:
--$5 each.*
--Other sizes available. Email for info.

Feathertouch 2-inch, 2-speed (10:1) focuser with 2" of focuser travel and compression ring (FTF2025BCR).

Flat base for the Feathertouch focuser. (BA20FL).

2" to 1.25" eyepiece adapter for the Feathertouch focuser (EA20-205EG).

Moonlite 1-speed and 2-speed, 2" crayford focuser. All metal construction.
-- Email me your requirements at densteele@dobstuff.com


Destiny 2-speed, 2" crayford focuser. All metal construction.
--$179.95 ($12.95 flat rate shipping U.S.)
--Fits flat surface or most round telescope tubes.
--Height, full in-focus, 2 1/2"
--Height, full out-focus, 4 3/4"
--Base, 3 1/2" x 4 1/4"
--Weight, 1 3/4#

Spider Four curved vane:
--9" to 16" size, standard duty, $EMAIL
--10" to 18" size, heavy duty, $EMAIL
--14" to 24" size, observatory grade, $EMAIL
I will mount your secondary to your secondary holder for $19.95

Spider (three vane):
-- 180 Series Small Curved Vane Spider (5" to 12") -- $EMAIL
-- Small Curved Vane (5" to 11"), light duty -- $EMAIL
-- 180 Series Large Curved Vane Spider (8" to 14") -- $EMAIL
-- 180 Series Professional Curved Vane Spider (10" to 18") -- $EMAIL
-- Observatory Grade Curved Vane Spider (14" to 24" -- $EMAIL

I will mount your secondary to your secondary holder for $19.95.


Secondary mirrors 1/10th wave:
--1.0", $25
--1.4", $45.95
--1.8", $59.95
--2.3", $89.00
--2.7", $109.00

I will attach your secondary mirror to your spider for $19.95. 
(*All 3 week delivery)

Eyepiece trays (hold four eyepieces, your choice of size):
--Baltic Birch only, $79.
--Any configuration (2" and/or 1.25" -- hold up to 4 eyepieces -- others? Call or email).

Laser Collimator: For quick alignment of telescope mirrors. Fit into standard 1 1/4 inch eyepiece sockets. The side window allow you to see the alignment while adjusting the primary mirror at the back of your telescope.
--Easy to see side window
--Short 4 inch tube for easy storage
--Uses a CR2032 battery (included)
--Made of anodized aluminum


Cheshire Collimator: For complete alignment of telescope components and mirrors. Fit into standard 1 1/4 inch eyepiece sockets.
Helps perfectly align Newtonian optics and components
--5 1/2  inch tube for accuracy
--It has a Peephole on top and Crosshairs at the bottom for precise centering of the optics
--All aluminum

2" extension tube, $20

*Reflects increase in product cost.
**Plus shipping.

For more information about your requirements:
-- Dennis Steele
-- Tel: 650-315-6578 (anytime)
-- email: densteele@dobstuff.com



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