Meade Lightbridge Rocker Box Upgrade. The current Meade rocker box is made from particle board. Overtime, moisture will unravel the construction materials. The ground board of the Meade rocker box is considerably "oversize" as well as unnecessarily heavy.

We've been working with Gary at RXD Design (StellarCAT), making sure our rocker box upgrades for the Meade Lightbridge telescopes are StellarCAT compatible. Here's some pictures of a StellarCAT system installed on a LB  rocker box. Ours will be the same, except it'll be smaller, lighter and will be made with furniture grade Baltic birch!! === Click here for some details.

This "rocker box" upgrade is made for the Lightbridge with the stock OTA and altitude bearings. The wood is 13-ply 3/4" furniture grade Baltic birch. I can make the rocker box for any size Meade Lightbridge (for ANY telescope, really).  I include Teflon altitude bearings as well as a fabric bearing material.  (Pictured here is the 16" LB OTA).

The rocker box is completed with 5 coats of Varethane varnish, with special attention to the edges of the wood. If desired, I can apply a custom color.

Kit $295*        
Assembled and finished $395*        
Custom color $125*        
(weights & measures):   Depth Height** Width
-Weight of 8" rocker box TBD 12" 16 1/4" 11 3/4"
-Weight of 10" rocker box TBD 14 3/8" 14 3/8" 13 5/32"
-Weight of 12" rocker box 20# 17 1/4" 18 1/4" 17"
-Weight of 16" rocker box 25#  21 3/8" 20 3/8" 21 3/4"
*plus shipping        
**Add 2" for the StellarCAT compatible rocker box upgrade
Comparison of the Meade and Dobstuff rockerbox for Lightbridge telescopes.

We no longer use Teflon bearing pads on these upgrades. Instead we install (or provide in the kit) black high-density fabric bearing-surface.

Front of the "rocker box". It's also quite easy to add an encoder kit to the rocker for the Sky Commander DSC.

We no longer use Teflon bearing pads on these upgrades. Instead we install (or provide in the kit) black high-density fabric bearing-surface.
Bottom showing the "ground board". The rocker box rides on 3 Teflon bearings.

NOTE: The ground board for the StellarCAT will be round, not triangular. You'll need to use the "pin bearing lazy susan" that comes installed in the Meade rocker box.
  "Here's a picture of the full "kit". It includes all the wood pieces, pre-drilled holes, all the hardware and two different altitude bearing material. I include Teflon bearings as well as a fabric material in case that is preferred.
  During assembly, I use clamps to hold the assembly together as I secure the rocker box sides to the front and rear panels.
  View of the front.
  Detail of the rear and bottom after assembly.


Installing the “break” for the rocker box is easy (we now install a "break" on all our rocker boxes):

  1. Install the carriage bolt front the inside of the rocker.
  2. Insert the small “wood screw” to about the thickness of the altitude bearing.
  3. Slip the Teflon and washer over the carriage bolt.
  4. The knob holds everything in place. Tighten the knob as needed for “friction”.
  5. You're done!!

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